Xueyao Zhang (张雪遥)

I'm a master student in the Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICT). I'm now at Multimedia Computing Group (MCG), supervised by Professor Juan Cao. My research focuses on Fake News Detection and Fact Checking. Besides, I have strong interests in Computer Music, specially in Music Generation and Music Understanding.

Contact: xueyao_98@foxmail.com or zhangxueyao19s@ict.ac.cn

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2021 I'm applying for the PhD programs of Computer Music.
2021/11 I got the National Graduate Scholarship 2021 (funded by Ministry of Education of China).
2021/08 One co-first-authored paper got accepted by ACM CIKM 2021.
2021/05 One co-authored paper got accepted by ACL-IJCNLP 2021.
2021/01 One first-authored paper got accepted by TheWebConf 2021.
2020/01 I got the third place at Campus Singer Competition, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Fake News Detection
Integrating Pattern- and Fact-based Fake News Detection via Model Preference Learning
Qiang Sheng*, Xueyao Zhang*, Juan Cao, and Lei Zhong (*: Equal Contribution)
Proceedings of the 30th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2021) (Acceptance Rate: 271/1251=21.7%)
PDF / Poster / Code / Chinese Blog
TL;DR: We propose a graph-based model preference learning framework to separately handle the pattern and fact indicators in fake news detection.
Article Reranking by Memory-enhanced Key Sentence Matching for Detecting Previously Fact-checked Claims
Qiang Sheng, Juan Cao, Xueyao Zhang, Xirong Li, and Lei Zhong
Proceedings of the Joint Conference of the 59th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 11th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (ACL-IJCNLP 2021) (Acceptance Rate: 571/2327=24.5%)
PDF / Poster / Code / Chinese Blog
TL;DR: We detect previously fact-checked claims by matching them against the key sentences in fact-checking articles.
Mining Dual Emotion for Fake News Detection
Xueyao Zhang, Juan Cao, Xirong Li, Qiang Sheng, Lei Zhong, and Kai Shu
Proceedings of the 30th Web Conference (WWW 2021) (Acceptance Rate: 357/1736=20.6%)
PDF / Code / Slides / Video / Chinese Video
TL;DR: We leverage both publisher emotion and social emotion for fake news detection.
Music Generation
Structure-Enhanced Pop Music Generation via Harmony-Aware Learning
Xueyao Zhang, Jinchao Zhang, Yao Qiu, Li Wang, Jie Zhou
Under Review
Preprint / Demo
TL;DR: We propose to learn harmony for generating form- and texture- enhanced pop music.
Academic Services
Reviewer ACL Rolling Review
EMNLP 2021

Information Processing and Management (IP&M)
IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems (TCSS)
WeChat, Tencent Research Intern, Pattern Recognition Center of Wechat AI, Beijing, China. 2021
Music Generation Research & Development.
2019- Master in Computer Application Technology (Candidate)
Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICT); University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)
2015-2019 B. Eng in Software Engineering
School of Computer Science, Wuhan University (WHU)
2012-2015 Jiyuan No.1 Middle School of Henan
Honors and Awards
2021 National Graduate Scholarship, Ministry of Education of China (Top 0.2%)
2020 Third place at Campus Singer Competition, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Top 3)
2019 Outstanding Graduate, Wuhan University (Top 10%)
2019 Excellent Bachelor Thesis, Wuhan University (Top 5%)
2016 National Undergraduate Scholarship, Ministry of Education of China (Top 0.2%)
2014 First price in Chinese High School Mathematics League (Top 50 in Henan Province)
Teaching Experience
2017 Fall Teaching Assistant, Object-Oriented Programming (JAVA), Wuhan University
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